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Measure & Cut Machines and Conveyor Tunnel Ovens


AMTI Products SPECIALIZES in the processing of heat shrink tube (reel and 48” stick), loom tube (slit and nonslit), textile sleeving, hose, tube, strap, wire & cable. It’s all that we do and we are the best at it! Our SLICE™ and SHRINK™ machines are quality engineered to be Rugged, Robust and Reliable. Our precision measure/cut SLICE™ products are the most reputable and recognized in the industry and our shrink/curing conveyor oven SHRINK™ products provide industry leading Rapid, Repeatable Results. All AMTI Products are American made and sold world-wide.

Our new SLICE™ 230 uses state of the art technology to provide the most advanced measure and cut system for Stick heat shrink tubing in the market today and is a Heavy Duty cutter that has optional bar code scanning set-up capability and multi-feed options to enable the processing of multiple sticks or other materials to improve efficiency and throughput.   Our all-electric SLICE™ 123 is a cost effective and flexible measure an cut machine and our SLICE™ 135  and  SLICE™ 141 machines are still proven to be the best valued production equipment in the market.   Check us out to see why our SLICE™ family was the choice for over 3,000 customers in over 25 countries.

Reduce labor cost, product variability and scrap. Improve consistency and repeatability. The AMTI Products SHRINK™ is a turbulent airflow convection style conveyor oven that can be easily moved into the production cell to increase manufacturing velocities and limit process variation. Temperature settings range from 100 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit with conveyor speed setting from 1 inch to 100 inches per minute. Fully programmable and easy to set-up.