Parts, Service, & Warranty



The SLICE Warranty is now 2 Years!


All AMTI Products SLICE™ & SHRINK™ products should be regularly serviced by AMTI Products or one of our authorized Dealers / Distributors as noted on the Contact Us page within this site. Service performed elsewhere may void warranties. Please Contact Us or any of our Dealer / Distributors directly for details.


SLICE™ Product Line Recommended Spare Parts

Item Description AMTI Products Part Number SLICE™ Unit
Roller Bearing SUP1598 135,141,142,150,230
Blade MFB3044 135
Die MFB3054 135,141,142
Polyurethane Idler Wheel MFB3312 135,141,142
Polyurethane Drive Wheel MFB3245 135
Air Cylinder SUP3103 135
Air Valve SA2191 135
Control Board (PCB) SA4116 135
Motor Assembly SA4119 135
Optic Sensor Assembly SA2187 135
Springs SUP3344 141,142
Blade MFB3228 141,142
Die Bottom MFB3230 141,142
Ball Plunger SUP3648 135,141,142
Air Cylinder SUP2062 141,142
Air Valve SA4156 141,142
*Air Filter W/Bosch Gauge SUP3417 – REV 1 135,141,142
Control Board (PCB) SA3003 141
Motor Assembly SA3408 141
Optic Sensor Assembly SA3376 141,142
Electronic Encoder ELS3090 141
Power Board (PCB) SA3405 135,141,142,150, ECONO
3.15A Fuse FUS1349 135,141,142,150, ECONO
.8A Fuse FUS1984 135,141,142,150, ECONO
Keyboard Overlay ELS1395 135,141,142,150
Control Board (PCB) SA3914-1 142
Motor Assembly SA3392 142
Stick Tubing Sensor Assembly SA3647 142
Electronic Encoder ELS3803 142
Die Bottom MFB3230 230
Blade S7 MFB4705 230
Blade D2 MFB4521 230
Sensor Assembly SA2187 230
Idler Wheel Poly Assembly (back) SA3811 230
Idler Poly Drive Wheel 3 Assembly SA3812 230
Poly Drive Wheel 2 Assembly SA3813 230
Main Poly Drive Wheel Assembly SA3814 230
Encoder Assembly SA5002 230
Throat Motor Sensor SA5003 230
Ball Plunger SUP3648 230
Precision Machined Clevis SUP3985 230

*Replaces SUP2064, 3195 Air Regulator with filter and Pressure gauge

SHRINK™ Product Line Recommended Spare Parts

Item Description AMTI Products Part Number
Blower Belt SUP3320
Blower MFB2550
25A Fuse FUS4029
2A Fuse FUS2801
3.15A Fuse FUS1349
Blower Bearing SUP3265
DuPont Krytox Grease 10195K57
Conveyor Belt Chain SUP2598
RTD Probe SA2937
Long Heater Element ELS3983
Short Heater Element ELS3985
Blower Motor MOT2702
Stepper Motor SA3788
LCD Display SA2858
Temperature Control Board SA2696
Control Board SA3002
Power Board SA3405
Gearbox Bearing SUP1598
Wear Bar – Noise Reduction MFB4104
Lovejoy Coupling SUP2606
Spider Coupling SUP2814
Conveyor Belt – Teflon SUP4135
E-Stop SA4317
Forward/Reverse Switch SA4147
Power Relay SW2675